About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Peace Capital, LLC was established in 2015 and is based in Howell, NJ. Peace Capital is a private healthcare real estate investment and management firm owning and operating many skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. Our assets are spread across numerous states throughout the country, including Wisconsin, Illinois, New York and New Jersey.

At Peace Capital, our goal is to fill the market demand for modern, upscale skilled nursing and assisted living facilities in a cost efficient and timely manner. By modernizing and renovating aging facilities, we breathe new life and value into assets that are ripe for redevelopment. With experience in operations and financial forecasting, we are able to provide unique insights into asset selection and evaluation. Our deep understanding of market potential, regulatory requirements, physical plant needs and limitations, and opportunities of repositioning assets all contribute to Peace Capital’s success.

What We Do

  • Redevelop & Modernize
  • Increase Value
  • Focus on Success

Building on years of in-depth experience in the healthcare industry, Peace Capital has earned a solid reputation for rapidly increasing the value of acquired assets. Our dynamic and scalable business philosophy enables us to execute complex transactions and swiftly identify opportunities with exponential upward potential. Peace Capital is responding to the demand of medical professionals who need proper facilities to deliver advanced rehabilitation services, as well as more discerning healthcare consumers who want modern, upscale amenities that reflect their current lifestyle.

There is a considerable inventory of aging health care assets that could benefit from improved technologies and upgraded facilities. At Peace Capital, we believe redevelopment and modernization is the way to fill the growing need for upscale facilities in the medical community. We create value by acquiring underperforming facilities, investing in necessary capital improvements, encouraging lean and intelligent operations, and focusing on quality outcomes, high service levels and operational success.


The Key to
Our Success

We have the unique ability for matching the right opportunity with the right operator. We also understand the importance of hands-on management in all of our enterprises. Our reputation for seeing each project through from start to finish is one of our greatest assets and frequently puts us on a short list for institutional and individual sellers. Our reputation has also afforded us the opportunity to complete multiple transactions with several individual clients. Peace Capital’s experience with all aspects of real estate is an integral part of our success. With knowledge acquired through years of experience, we can accurately identify necessary capital improvements and secure detailed plans and budgets. Here at Peace Capital, we believe in the power of potential.


Our Team

Sam Stein

Sam began his career as a practicing licensed nursing home administrator, and then moved on to co-found LTC Consulting Services, a firm specializing in providing nursing facilities with financial, billing, and office management services. As COO, Sam was instrumental in turning the company into the successful firm, servicing hundreds of facilities that it is today. Armed with in-depth knowledge of the multifaceted aspects of nursing home management acquired through his experience at LTC, Sam pursued ownership.

Sam Stein founded Peace Capital, LLC in 2015 and completed his first acquisition before the year was out. He continued to acquire many additional nursing homes in quick succession. Sam’s accounts receivable management expertise, financial forecasting acumen, and discerning eye enables him to recognize excellent opportunities before they occur. As CEO of Peace Capital, Sam’s expansive operational knowledge and experience provide invaluable insight into the asset selection and evaluation process.


Dani Sternbuch

Dani Sternbuch launched his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers in New York, gaining invaluable experience across multiple industries and sectors. While at PwC, Dani sharpened his financial operations and transactions skills. With his results-driven approach and unique ability to overcome obstacles, Dani rapidly advanced through the ranks to a management position. Recruitment by the Lightstone Group as Director of Accounting was a major milestone in Dani’s career. The Lightstone Group is one of the most highly-regarded and diversified real estate companies in the U.S., operating in all sectors of the real estate market.

While at the Lightstone Group, Dani became proficient at managing consolidated financial statements related to bonds and REITs. He supervised the internal audit function, as well as all aspects of ISOX in accordance with IFRS. Dani’s wealth of experience and unrivaled expertise led Sam to appoint him as Chief Financial Officer of Peace Capital.


Jack Hirth

As COO of Peace Capital LLC, Jack leads the corporate team with a variety of finely-honed skills and rare expertise and knowledge. His experience is the result of various ventures including a successful print and mail company that specialized in healthcare data and technology, and the founding of a revolutionary software that automates segments of the healthcare billing process. This technology, www.zunta.com, launched in early 2018. Years of experience in healthcare supply, insurance, and medical billing make Jack an integral part of Peace Capital’s unique success.